Seagulls Cost Sebastian Vettel a Ferrari F1 Win in Canada

It’s no secret that racing drivers don’t like to lose, whether it be last place or even second. As cultural luminary Ricky Bobby once said, “if you ain’t first, you’re last.” Famously, racing drivers always tend to have an excuse for their performance, and in the wake of this weekend’s 2016 Canadian Grand Prix, which saw Ferrari F1 ace Sebastian Vettel take second place to Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, the joking German driver came up with one of the best excuses yet. A pair of brave seagulls. Yes, you heard that right. In a post-race interview with the UK’s Sky Sports, Vettel jokes with Hamilton that he lost precious time evading a pair of seagulls in the middle of the track, eventually giving the Mercedes driver the edge to win. To be clear, he’s obviously joking, but the segment makes for good TV nonetheless. Take a look (seagulls appear at 4:25). RELATED: This is the Only Ferrari 458 MM in the World
Formula One is often portrayed as a serious, no-nonsense sport, so it’s nice to see a bit of comedy from time to time. To Vettel’s amazement, the pair of gulls—standing in the middle of turn one—don’t seem phased at all by the 750 horsepower Ferrari F1 car that’s screaming by them at breakneck speed. “He’s not braking for animals, you should give him a hard time for that,” Vettel teases Hamilton during the interview. “Two seagulls! You see? I had my eyes so deep into the apex, I locked up. Mind the animals!” Ferrari brought a revised turbocharger package to the Canadian event, which helped give Vettel’s 2016 SF16-H car impressive pace against the once untouchable Mercedes, however Vettel would finish five seconds adrift of Hamilton at the race’s end. Darn seagulls… RELATED: Meet the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB's 772-HP Sibling