This is the Most Powerful Diesel Engine in the World

You might think the world’s most powerful diesel engine lies under the hood of some massive 18-wheeler, battle tank, or in the hull of some torquey tugboat. If so, you’d be mistaken. In fact, there’s no way it would even fit.  This massive contraption is the world’s most powerful diesel engine, known as the Wärtsilä 14RT-flex96C, and its specifications are truly jaw-dropping. The gigantic 14-cylinder two-stroke “mega” turbodiesel measures 44 feet tall (over four-stories), 87 feet long, produces a colossal 107,345 horsepower, and weighs a scarcely believable 2,500 tons. That’s some engine! The “14RT” was designed by Finnish firm Wärtsilä to power mammoth 16,000-box container ships, and as shown here, it’s built by the Doosan Engine Company in South Korea. Take a look below to see this engineering marvel come together, including its jaw-droppingly huge crankshaft. RELATED: This is the Largest Airplane in the World
RELATED: Watch this Shredder Devour Old Engines Like Dessert Admittedly, the video shown is just a promotional spot for the company’s gigantic diesel engine, but given that you’re likely not in the market for a 44-foot tall diesel, it works equally well as engineering eye candy. According to Wärtsilä, each of the the 14 cylinder’s feature a three-foot cylinder bore and eight total feet of piston stroke. The end result is a horsepower rating of 7,667 hp per cylinder and an optimal crankshaft operating speed of 102 rotations per minute. When mated with a cargo ship, Wärtsilä says it can motivate these immense freighters up to a top speed of 27 knots. Mind blown. RELATED: Watch the World's Fastest Jeep Crash at the Drag Strip via Hackaday