This is How Ken Block’s Ford Focus RS Rallycross Car Was Built

Rallying is a difficult sport. Rally cars—vague facsimiles of road cars—must face changing (and often highly challenging) road conditions, jumps, dips, tight corners, and extremely narrow margins of error. And all while keeping breakneck pace.  Rallycross is also incredibly difficult, if but a whole different beast entirely. Drivers face the same mixed road surfaces but on a closed circuit course with plenty of wheel-to-wheel racing, overtaking, and as a result, fierce rivalries. This impressive machine is Ford Performance’s latest rallycross monster, the 2016 Ford Focus RS RX, and it’s being campaigned by rally aces Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud of Hoonigan Racing. The car is the tech-intensive result of a big partnership between Ford, Hoonigan, and the UK’s M-Sport. Take a look at the following video series to learn all you need to know about these radical rallycross supercars and the huge development process behind them. RELATED: Ken Block Just Built the Coolest Ford Transit Van, Ever
Development of the cars bridged the Atlantic, with aerodynamicists and engineers working diligently at Ford Performance’s base in Detroit, Michigan, along with M-Sport craftsmen hand-building and designing the Ford Focus RS RX chassis in the United Kingdom.
It’s truly amazing to see how quickly these cars accelerate and how fast they change direction, sliding (seemingly effortlessly) across rallycross tarmac, dirt, and gravel. The gearbox? That’s a specially designed unit by manufacturer SADEV. RELATED: Take a Closer Look at the All-New 2016 Ford Focus RS
The turbocharger? The unit housed underneath the Ford Focus RS RX is said to be similar to the one used in Ford’s World Rally Championship cars, and as one of the M-Sport technicians notes, "it's always flat out, it's always at its limit, and it is getting cooked all of the time.”
Anxious to see how the pair performs? Block and Bakkerud are currently running in the 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship, and already the RS RX has shown some impressive speed. RELATED: The 2016 Ford Focus RS May Lead to Hot-Hot "RS500"