A 2000 Chevrolet Corvette Has Racked Up 700,000 Miles

How long would you expect to hold onto a new sports car, before it starts nickel-and-diming you? 40,000 miles… 60,000 miles… 100,000 miles? If said sports car is this 2000 fifth-generation Corvette, well… consider those first 100,000 miles to be just a short test drive.  Incredibly, this lovely looking Chevrolet Corvette has accumulated over 700,000 miles since its Floridian owner Mark purchased it new 16 years ago. According to his recent YouTube video, Mark regularly travels between two of his businesses in Florida and Georgia, accumulating plenty of long-haul highway miles. In fact, just two years ago the car tallied 650,000 miles on the odometer. As of May 17th, according to a Carfax report posted on Jalopnik, the Corvette now boasts 712,793 miles and all on its original engine and second transmission. RELATED: Report Says Mid-Engine Corvette to Arrive in 2018
Despite the past 16 years of highway flying (it averages out to about 45,000 miles driven annually), you’d be hard pressed to tell this exemplary Chevrolet Corvette from the scads of four- and five-digit mileage examples that litter auto show and Cars and Coffee meets. It appears to be in remarkably good shape. As noted on the Carfax report, the original transmission was either removed and repaired or replaced in 2004 at an impressive 210,830 miles. This is of course a Corvette we’re talking about, the pinnacle of American sports car performance, and not an economy car by any stretch of the imagination. RELATED: Here's What the Next Corvette ZR-1 Could Look Like
Mark bought his first new Chevrolet Corvette in 1984, followed by another new ’85 model and an ’88 model, before realizing he should just hold onto them for longer. In 1991 he upgraded to another new Corvette and in 2000 traded that in (at 342,000 miles) for this then-brand-new C5 coupe. Good on you, Mark. Here’s to the next 700,000 miles! RELATED: You Can Buy an Actual Corvette Wagon Later This Year