You don't usually see this many Koenigseggs together.

Koenigsegg recently hosted its first ever Owner’s Tour that brought together over 10 percent of the supercar company’s total output. The multi-day drive started in Copenhagen, Denmark, and traveled over picturesque country roads to the automaker’s factory in Angelholm, Sweden. There was even time for high-speed driving on a rain-soaked runway. The brand now hopes to make these high-performance gatherings an annual affair.

While the journey was surely a joy for the Koenigsegg owners, Scandinavian crowds enjoyed the supercars too because the vehicles were on display a few times along the way. The high-powered caravan even stopped by the gorgeous Kokkedal Castle in Denmark and arranged the cars in front for some photos.

As founder Christian von Koenigsegg points out in the video above, the company only produces around one vehicle a month, which makes owning one a very exclusive club. Seeing two of the supercars together after they leave the factory is a rare treat, and this drive brings together way more than that. The clip shows a few highlights from the Owner’s Tour, including the Koenigseggs playing in the rain. Be sure to click through the gallery below for a great look at other parts of the event, too.

Source: Koenigsegg

Gallery: Koenigsegg Owners Event 2016

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July 2016 saw Koenigsegg host the first of what we hope will be many owners’ gatherings around the world. This was a truly significant event, with just over 10% of Koenigsegg’s total lifetime production present.

We commissioned a film crew to join us on the first full day of the event and you can watch the driving highlights below:

The program

Our guests began the event outside the beautiful Hotel D’Angelterre in downtown Copenhagen, where the cars were displayed in front of a gathering crowd. Every point of the journey – even the underground parking garage – proved to be a much appreciated photo opportunity for both the owners and Scandinavia’s dedicated car-spotting community. 

Guests stayed in Copenhagen overnight and then travelled through through the city and over the spectacular Öresund bridge into Sweden. After clearing passport control with only minor delays (everyone likes the cars, including passport officers), we enjoyed a country drive through Skåne to Angelholm, where lunch was served at Station 8, right inside the Koenigsegg factory.

Damp weather didn’t dampen the spirits for after-lunch activities with the Koenigsegg test track coming to life as 15 Koenigseggs took to the track in the same session – an unprecedented scene that brought smiles to the faces of all concerned.


Guests took another back-road route (in the wet) through to Båstad and then on to the Torekov Hotel and Spa for the evening.

The next morning saw another drive, this time directly to the ferry terminal in Helsingborg, where we caught a quick ride to Helsingor on the Danish side. Videos are available online showing the ferry loading, which was rather fun.

Back in Denmark, we took the coast road down to beautiful Kokkedal Castle estate. We had a special Koenigsegg lineup in front of the manor and guests enjoyed watching both the cars and a polo exhibition tournament taking place on the day.

Guests stayed at Kokkedal that night and of course, it would be impolite for us to comment on who had the best singing voice, nor who worked hardest cutting up the dance floor the night before at dinner in Båstad.

Needless to say, a brilliant time was had by all. 13 Koenigseggs on tour, some great driving in the world’s best sports cars, entertaining company, great scenery and wonderful food.

What more could you want?