Watch Matt LeBlanc Go Car Shopping in Latest 'Top Gear' Trailer

The May 29 debut of the new Top Gear is days away, and the crew is busy releasing teasers on teasers on teasers to make sure everyone tunes in to watch. Whether the show will be a hit or not is debatable, but that first episode is sure to rate high with everyone tuning in to see if it's a hot mess. The spot features Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc doing a little car shopping, Top Gear-style.

The pair is shown sitting in an office, looking bored, while Evans makes a call to buy a car and LeBlanc flips through images of cars for sale on his phone. Nothing is too interesting until he finds one car that he thinks is hot. Cue the sexy-time music.

The boring office is gone, replaced with clips of some seriously sexy cars. These are the kinds of cars we all drool over and LeBlanc is ready to make the drive to check one out and put it in his driveway. The car he wants is in Glasgow, which Evans tells him isn't that far of a ride at all. Well, for the right car, no distance is too far. Hope LeBlanc packs a little snack for his road trip north.