Quaker State Trolls Selfie Sticks with New Dipstick 6S

These days we’re absolutely addicted to our smartphones, and it's understandable. They can do practically everything, from catching up on the newest tweets to video chatting with friends across the globe, and about nine thousand other nifty features. If you can remember way back when, phones used to just be… well, phones.  Cleverly, Quaker State has found a way to poke fun at our selfie stick, iPhone, and smart watch obsessed lives, all while highlighting the very gimmicky world of motor oil marketing. Introducing, the Dipstick 6S. Check out the chuckle-worthy ad, below. RELATED: 15 Awesome Tips for iPhone 6S Photography
Not only is it a fantastic way to read your engine’s oil level, but it also features an LED screen with scrolling news, sports, and weather updates, along with a 12 megapixel camera, inherent selfie stick capabilities, and even wireless internet connectivity. Don’t check your oil very much? You might just be addicted to it now. Of course, the Dipstick 6S is not a real product, obviously. It was thought up by the folks from The Onion and Quaker State. At least, it isn’t real yet. RELATED: This Hot Rod May Be the World's Fastest Phone Booth