This Compact Jet Kayak Can Hit 21 MPH on Water

The best fishing spots always seem to be the hardest to reach. There’s perhaps a long haul across the bay, a tight section of rapids to traverse, followed by a shallow meandering creek, all spanning multiple miles. In a conventional kayak, the task would seem heroic. In one of these however, it’s just another day on the water. Meet the Mokai ES-Kape. Built in Newburgh, New York, the ES-Kape is a jet-powered recreational kayak that has been designed for fisherman, hunters, and other personal watercraft users for getting to areas (especially shallow water or upstream) that would previously be too hard to navigate. Willing it along is a seven horsepower 211cc Subaru four-stroke gasoline engine, which spins an axial jet drive turbine, zipping the kayak up to speeds of 21 mph on water, dependent upon rider weight of course. Take a look! RELATED: This Affordable Fishing Boat Fits in Your Trunk
RELATED: Internet Tries to Name $283 Million Ship "Boaty McBoatface" While the ES-Kape isn’t the only jet-powered kayak on the market, it does seem to be one of the most user friendly, and crucially—modular. The ES-Kape’s polyethylene hull is assembled in three pieces, making it strong yet lightweight and easy to store. And its nose and tail units store neatly within its 6.5 foot center section, allowing it to be stowed in many hatchbacks and crossovers with the seats folded down. Fully assembled it weighs in at around 195 pounds. The ES-Kape’s steering and throttle are handled by a joystick controller, mounted to the right side of the passenger compartment, while the gas tank and engine fall in line at the rear of the craft. Fully topped up, the Mokai ES-Kape can take 2.6 gallons of gasoline and at idling speeds run for 28.8 hours without refueling. All in all, it’s a neat and time-saving option for those who want to travel just that much farther upstream or through the shallows, though that waterway agility does come at a price. The Mokai ES-Kape kayak costs $5,400. RELATED: The "Sealander" is Half Boat, Half Travel Trailer