Watch This Hyundai Exoskeleton Turn Man Into Machine

It looks like something straight out of the movie Alien, but this isn't some sci-fi movie prop. This is a real exoskeleton built by Hyundai to give humans the strength of robots, because who doesn't want that? It's currently a prototype, but plans are to actually put this thing into production.

Aside from its obvious alien-fighting properties, there are real-world applications for the exoskeleton that could improve lives. Engineers say it can lift hundreds of pounds, which makes it perfect for use in factories, warehouses, and the military. 

The company is also experimenting with a lightweight version of the suit. This one has a mechanical spine and legs that strap to the user and could serve a more humanitarian purpose. It might help seniors who have trouble getting around or the physically disabled who would be otherwise unable to walk at all. The project is the work of Hyundai's H-LEX platform, which was unveiled last year. It's part of their Next Mobility initiative and it's something that many companies are working to develop. DARPA has this type of tech in mind for its Warrior Web program. Audi and BMW are working on similar technology to let people sit without straining their backs. Our robotic future is now.