eGarage Made the Best Ford GT Application Video Yet

Out of 500 available vehicles, Ford says they have over 6,000 people interested in owning a 2017 Ford GT. That presents a huge problem for the more than 5,500 people who won't be getting one. To help make the decision process for who will get a new GT easier, Ford asked interested parties to make an application video, which has predictably yielded some hilariously bad results. However, there are videos on the opposite end of the spectrum as well, and from what I've seen, none have been better than this one from eGarage. These guys could have gone all out and shot this video on the top notch equipment they use to make their automotive films, but instead they opted to keep things simple and shoot the whole thing with a GoPro. This is important because it makes the video more about the quality of the content and the story, rather than about pretty visuals. Using the GoPro also allowed them to easily get creative with their camera placement, and keep the story moving with quick action shots. If I was sifting through piles of application videos, there's no question that this one would stand out as something special based on the creativity alone. But then eGarage plays the 'baby' and 'dog' cards. RELATED: See Photos Of The 2016 Ford GT
How many of the people interested in the Ford GT will use it to run errands? How many of them will take their baby for cruises to the beach in it? You have to imagine that very few of them will see time on the street other than for special occasions like meets, road rallies, and Hollywood proms. If eGarage gets one, it'll be used for all kinds of things, and perhaps most importantly, the ownership experience will be shared with the public through the YouTube channel. Something tells me that they've got a really good shot of making the CGI shot at the end of the video a reality. RELATED: Ford GT Has 7,000 Interested Applicants, Only 500 Will Get One