Drones Being Developed to Drop Medical Supplies in Africa

Drones are practically everywhere these days. They deliver products, soar over sceneries, and occasionally cause panic when someone thinks one might be up to no good. But Zipline has a different purpose for its drones. The goal is to deliver medical supplies to those in need. Zipline is a startup based in California that's quickly developing a fleet of drones that could save lives in Rwanda. According to Wired, they hope to have as many as 15 of these drones all flying our of a central hub. RELATED: 5 Game-Changing Drones You Can Buy Today The fleet could make a total of 150 deliveries each day to 21 medical stations in the western part of the country. The government is on board with the plan, and has already approved guidelines for how the drones will operate. Testing is happening in northern California in an area where the company can practice making drops without disturbing anyone. They're currently using prototypes made with simple materials that will be cost effective in areas where they could be easily damaged. RELATED: Honey Bee Brains Can Now Fly Drones