Extended 'Top Gear' Trailer Brings Burnouts, Fighter Jets, and a Release Date

It seems fans have been waiting forever for Top Gear to finally make its return to television. The wait is nearly over, and they've even released a new clip full of all the stuff those fans love. There are burnouts, supercars, and a fighter jet to add a little spice. The wait for Series 23 of the world's most famous car show has been fraught with uncertainty. There was the question of who would be hosting the show and for a time, there were questions about whether it would make it back at all. This video proves it's definitely coming back. RELATED: See Images of the 2015 Ford Mustang
The clip includes plenty of car action with a glorious Mustang burnout, a Viper, and a fighter jet. The Mustang also looks to be weaponized to compete with the fighter jet. You know, just a typical day at the Top Gear office. There's also that now infamous moment when host Chris Evans looses his lunch as he rides shotgun with Sabine Schmitz. Throw in a dash of roaring engines and some spirited cheering and you've got the good old Top Gear with a whole new crew. The new series hits TV screens on May 29th. RELATED: Jeremy Clarkson's 11 Best 'Top Gear' Moments