Watch Dolph Lundgren Ride a Ford EcoBoost-Powered Skateboard

There are plenty of applications for Ford's new EcoBoost engine. In the GT supercar, for example. But there's one type of vehicle that's been left out of the picture. Actor Dolph Lundgren has taken up the cause of the poor, ignored, skateboard and managed to cobble together one with an EcoBoost engine for science. If ever there was a guy tough enough to put on a racing suit and careen down a runway on an EcoBoost-powered skateboard, it'd be Lundgren. Although, to be fair, he first assigns the bonkers task to some poor lackey. RELATED: See Images of the 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT EcoBoost
That guy only makes it so far before he calls it and jumps of the skateboard. Looks like 60 mph standing on nothing but a glorified piece of wood with wheels is more than enough for most men to handle. Lundgren isn't most men, though, so he does one better, taking it off the end of ramp. Pay no attention to the mannequin that stands in for Lundren at the last minute. This is part of a series of videos with Lundgren promoting the three-cylinder EcoBoost and its up to 140 horsepower. They also pair the engine with a pitching machine and a blender, because why the heck not? RELATED: The 2016 Ford GT Supercar is Powered by an EcoBoost V6
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