Hey Ford, This Guy Deserves a 2017 Ford GT

If you haven’t already heard, Ford is bringing back its hallowed GT supercar for 2017. It’s arguably one of the greatest looking cars ever crafted, it boasts a 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6, and when it arrives this fall it’ll be making in excess of 600 horsepower. Quite the car.  There is one downside, however; there won’t be many to go around. 500 of the all-new Ford GTs are expected to be built over a span of two years, and if you want to buy one, Ford will have to accept your application. YouTuber Brooks Weisblat certainly does want to buy one—very, very badly—and he’s put together this short application video to sway the Blue Oval higher-ups. What does he have going form him? Well, Brooks has a huge social media following, he's the man behind DragTimes.com, and he currently owns a vibrant 2005 Ford GT. RELATED: Shelby is Selling its Rarest Concepts and Prototypes
You see, Ford doesn’t want its new GTs to end up like many of the old ones—prisoners of climate controlled garages that accumulate total mileages of 200 yards per year and live under spotless tarps. Ford wants its new GT owners to exercise their cars, get them on track and beat the snot out of their tires, conquer social media like a 600 hp twin-turbo plague, and make similarly priced European exotics look a bit pedestrian by comparison (they'll cost over $400,000). Ford wants these to be the 'superstars' of the supercar world. As such, in its application Ford is giving preference to current Ford GT owners (check!), those who have owned multiple GTs, those who have a few other Fords in their garage, people who race their GTs and are active in charity events (check and check!), and those with large social media followings (check!), among many other aspects. Brooks, we’d say you’re looking pretty good for the vetting process! Good luck! Fancy buying a 2017 Ford GT too? Ford says all applications are due by May 12th, so um... hurry. You're competing with over 7,000 people too. RELATED: Ford Rumored to Be Building an 800-HP Shelby GT500