'Top Gear' Drops a New Trailer Full of Fast Cars and Fun

It's time for another look at the new Top Gear. BBC released a second trailer for the show featuring the whole cast having lots of fun driving fast cars and laughing it up in every shot. Just like the good ol' days. There's some time on the track and some time off roading through rocks and dirt on what looks to be a very narrow road with a chance of plummeting to your doom. Oh, and there's an Ariel Nomad in there racing a motorized chair on a parachute. That last bit seems like the typical Top Gear crazy you either love or hate. RELATED: See Images of the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby Terlingua
The new season of Top Gear is set to air this May despite all sorts of setbacks during filming. There were images of host Chris Evans getting sick after a spin around the track with Sabine Schmitz, a reduction in the first season's episodes, and reports that Evans was so busy he couldn't give the show his full attention. Seems like they overcame those problems and there's the makings of a real show here. Whether the newer, larger Top Gear team will grab our attention like the old one, though, is still up for debate. RELATED: Watch the First Trailer for the New 'Top Gear'