What earthly cars would Star Wars characters choose? And how would they modify them?

One of the things I've always loved most about Star Wars, is how there's clearly an automotive design influence on the universe. From C3PO's headlight eyes, to the Millennium Falcon's '69/70 Dodge Charger rear end, there's automotive design scattered all around Lucas' galaxy, far, far away, but what if there were actual cars?

England's CarWow had the same question, so they enlisted Yasid Oozeear to help answer it. They gave the automotive illustrator a simple prompt, 'What earthly cars would Star Wars characters choose? And how would they modify them?' In typical Oozeear fashion, the results vary from the relatively tame to the wildly outlandish. 

Imagine If 'Star Wars' Characters Had Cars

Boba Fett's G-Wagen doesn't look all that far off from some of the modified blocky Benzes you'd roaming the streets of Los Angeles, and Darth Maul's NSX would look right at home running in the Gumball 3000. The Charger Hellcat was an appropriate choice for Han Solo, but I wish he'd drawn it from the rear 3/4 view, as the posterior of the Millennium Falcon is more famous than the front. 

Imagine If 'Star Wars' Characters Had Cars

Instead of re-hashing the famous Darth Vader Corvette Stingray of the 80s, Oozeear chose another long hood coupe, the BMW Z4 as the ride of films' most famous villain. The flared out Bimmer embodies the Dark Side perfectly, because you know Vader wouldn't be the type to use a turn signal, and definitely parks in handicap spots. On the other end of the spectrum is Luke Skywalker's Mazda Miata MX-5, which looks like a positively polite, even with all the stance added to it. Luke could easily hop in for quick getaways, and you know R2 would be content riding shotgun with fresh air running through his, uh, antennas. Here's hoping that Oozeear gets tapped, or simply feels the urge to do some vehicles for the latest characters added to the Star Wars universe. It'd be cool to see car renderings for Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, and Poe Dameron, not to mention General Leia, and an older, grizzled Luke Skywalker. Perhaps a CLA 45 AMG for Kylo Ren because he's an angry brat, and a Jaguar F-Type for Rey because she's a quick learner and ferocious? Just a thought.

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