The Gumball 3000 Has Already Claimed Its First Supercar

The 2016 Gumball 3000 kicked off just yesterday, and already it’s claimed its first victim. This poor and unsuspecting Gumpert Apollo found itself backwards in the grass, up against a tree, with a few pieces missing. For shame. The car belonged to Team Galag, and ‘allegedly’ wasn’t speeding or doing anything illegal. Since there’s no actual video of the vehicle crashing—just a pieced together set of images—we’ll have to take the word of the uploader, who says he was driving behind them: “He wasn’t driving dangerously he hit standing water and it span him not even speeding!” Right. RELATED: This is What a Factory Fresh Gumpert Apollo Looks Like
Being a Gumpert Apollo, we don’t doubt that this sinister supercar is a lot to handle for anyone, amateur or professional. But the Gumball 3000’s reputation isn’t exactly squeaky clean. Just search “Gumball 3000 crashes” on Google, and countless results come up. The most shocking of which was a 2007 crash involving a TechArt Porsche 997 Turbo. The Porsche was traveling at a high rate of speed when it collided with an oncoming Volkswagen Golf. Sadly, both the driver and the passenger of the Golf were killed. Thankfully, no one in the Gumpert accident was injured. Let’s all hope this is the first and only crash of the event. RELATED: What Exactly is the Gumball 3000?