Solar-Powered Plane Finishes Pacific Leg of Around-the-World Trip

The Solar Impulse 2 managed to complete its flight across the Pacific Ocean on Saturday morning when it landed in California. This risky leg of the plane's around-the-world trip took three days to complete. Oh, and did we mention it was all using solar power? The landing happened at 11:45pm in Mountain View after a 62-hour solo flight helmed by Bertrand Piccard. He made the trip entirely on solar power without using any fuel, the first flight of its kind. RELATED: See Images fo the 2014 Ford C-MAX Solar Energi Concept
Piccard and Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg have been taking turns flying the plane through its globe-spanning trip, which started in Abu Dhabi. They've made stops in Myanmar, Oman, Japan, China, and Hawaii. This most recent leg was the most dangerous of the lot since there was nowhere to land in case of an emergency. According to Science World Report, the plane travels at 28mph in ideal conditions and can double that speed during the day. It weighs 5,000 pounds, has wings wider than a 747, and houses 17,000 solar cells. The plane has three more stops in the US before its next ocean-crossing over the Atlantic. RELATED: This Solar Powered Plane Could Reach the Edge of Space