This Homemade Hoverbike Looks Like the Most Fun Way to Get Injured

The year is 2016, and for some reason, we’ve yet to master the art of personal hover transportation. Hoverboards are a thing, but not necessarily a thing we’d be caught dead on. YouTube celeb Colin Furze of the UK, then, might have the solution to our transportation problems in the form off this homemade hover bike.

First impressions suggest that it’s insanely dangerous, what with the quickly spinning propellers and lack of protection. Get over your hesitations, though, and it looks like a real fun machine—once you learn how to master it. “[The project’s] been going on over the past three months,” Furze told Mashable. “But maybe only four to five weeks have been spent on it as I spent a lot of time waiting for parts like the propellers.” 

As you can see in the video, the hoverbike is a lot to handle. Furze admits that it took him a few weeks to master the machine, considering it has no steering or brakes. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind having a go on this strange creation. Might need to wear shin guards, though.