NASCAR Talladega Race Ends In Two Spectacular Wrecks, Per Usual

Whenever you’re watching a race at a track like Daytona or Talladega, really the only part you need to see is the ending; anticipation of 'the big one'. In typical Talladega fashion, yesterday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race ended in two huge crashes, and one very lucky winner in Brad Keselowski. With just eight laps to go, Matt Kenseth took off, tail-first into a retaining wall. That was caused by Michael McDowell’s love tap of Danica Patrick, which sent her car sideways into Kenseth. Thankfully, everyone walked away unscathed...other than the cars. RELATED: 7 Most Iconic NASCAR Liveries of the Past Three Decades
After a not-so-quick caution, drivers were forced to restart with just four laps to go. That’s when things went from bad to worse. Eight cars collided on the final lap, leaving a junkyard-like scene at the start/finish line for officials to have to decipher. Somehow, though all the chaos, Brad Keselowski found himself in the winner’s circle by a margin of 0.024 seconds over Denny Hamlin. A total of 33 out of 40 cars were damaged in some way, shape or form. Just another day at Talladega. RELATED: Understanding the NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup