Watch Matt LeBlanc Thrash an Ariel Nomad, Get Dirty

Matt LeBlanc. An Ariel Nomad. Do I really need to continue? If you thought the new Top Gear sans Clarkson was going to be one big mess, you might want to check yourself—the latest trailer looks like a bunch of fun. The new video shows new host and former Friend Matt LeBlanc mucking about in the Ariel Nomad off-roader, with someone following alongside on a dirtbike because why not. That’s the same Ariel Nomad, mind you, with a 235-horsepower engine and no doors. That means he’s bound to get dirty, and he does. RELATED: See More of the 235-Horsepower Ariel Nomad
It’s a short clip at just 40 seconds, but definitely an exciting one. The new series debuts next month on BBC. Let’s hope there’s even more Matt LeBlanc nonsense to be had. RELATED: Jeremy Clarkson's 11 Best Top Gear Moments