According to the company, the new Rezvani Beast Targa will arrive in early summer 2016,

Few cars push the automaking limits quite like the Rezvani Beast. Based on the already bonkers Ariel Atom 3, the US-built Beast adds supercar bodywork to the naked Atom chassis, with the end result being a roadster with no top, no doors, a minuscule 1,650-pound weight, and 500 horsepower of go-go-go. 

It is, for lack of a better word—a Beast. Now however the nutty Revzani roadster is going under the knife and taking a big step towards increased driver comfort. It’s getting a roof, and a targa top at that. According to the company, the new Rezvani Beast Targa will arrive in early summer 2016, in fact, the car is now available for pre-order. Rezvani has yet to reveal its targa-styled Beast in full, but the firm did provide the below teaser image on its website and social media. RELATED: The 2016 Rezvani Beast X Hits 700-HP with Twin-Turbos

The 500HP Rezvani Beast is Finally Getting a Roof

Despite its radical supercar looks, the Rezvani Beast is actually designed to be a more affordable alternative to the likes of the supercar elite. Whereas offerings like the Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 488GTB, and McLaren 650S all cost $200,000 and above, the Beast starts at a relatively low-by-comparison $165,000. With that, you get a Rotrex supercharged Honda K24 four-cylinder that pumps out 500 horsepower and 427 lb.-ft. of torque, which can match or better each of the previously mentioned supercars in the run from zero to 60 mph (a scant 2.7 seconds). Not bad. Without a top however, the current Beast is little more than a warm weather toy, and like its Atom brethren, it’s not the type of car you’d want to be stuck in a downpour with. The addition of a targa roof adds considerably more usability to the Beast, and likely for Rezvani, a lot more interested customers. RELATED: We Drive the 2016 Rezvani Beast Roadster — Road Test