Watch This Tesla Autopilot System Juke Its Driver To Safety

Tesla calls its autonomous driving system 'Autopilot.' I think they should use the acronym A.A.S. (Asshat Avoidance System) instead, because that's generally what the system will be doing, avoiding asshats like the one in this truck. When Ohioan Joshua Brown merged onto the interstate in his Tesla Model S, he wasn't immediately concerned about the boom truck in the far left lane, but the ever vigilant "Tessy" (yeah, he nicknamed the car) was, and while Joshua continued to enjoy his Malcom Gladwell tape, Tessy was busy working on contingency plans. By the time the asshat in the boom truck began the ill-conceived maneuver, Tessy was ready for it, and instead of a nasty accident, all that happened was a juke to the right, a honk, and some clenching of the buttocks. RELATED: See Photos of the New and Improved Tesla Model S
Now then, you might be thinking, 'that Mr. Brown should have been paying more attention to the road, and if he had, he would have seen the truck coming.' You're not wrong, but the unfortunate truth of the matter is that some people behind the wheel need all the help they can get, mostly because they hate driving. Tesla's autopilot system is that help. It's my hope that the people who do not enjoy driving are the ones who get semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles as soon as they can, especially the brave folks who openly admit that they're not good at driving. The sooner that happens, the sooner close calls become more common than nasty accidents. RELATED: Watch This Tesla Model S Race A Boeing 737