Now You Can Drive Fallout 4's Chrysulus Rocket in Forza

"The trip will be fine in my Rocket '69", that's how the catchy jingle for the fictional Chryslus Rocket '69 goes, and I have no doubt that's true. The single seat, single occupant, turbine-powered virtual vehicle can cruise at speeds up to 200 mph, and it looks darn good while doing it too. The origins of the Rocket '69 lie in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4, but since this isn't a ICON project, the car was brought to showroom-floor spec before being imported into the world of Forza Motorsport 6. The retro-futuristic ride is appropriately covered in candy red paint, sports whitewall tires under the sleek pontoon body, and of course, has plenty of chrome. It's a fictional car, from a fictional world, but it's not all that far off from many of the concept cars that rolled onto auto show display stands back in the mid 20th century. RELATED: Why Are All the Chevy SS Badges Missing in Forza?
If you're a Forza 6 or Fallout 4 player, a code for the free download should pop up on your Xbox during the next week or so. If not, you can still get a code by purchasing either game from now until April 30th, and you'll get your code early next month. As someone who doesn't own an Xbox at the moment, but has played countless hours of both Forza Motorsport 6 and Fallout 4, I can't recommend them enough. Both games have infinite playability thanks to DLC packs like this one, and exceptional foundations to build upon. Maybe it's finally time to give in and get an Xbox, after all, a Gran Turismo 7/Uncharted 4 DLC pack is about as likely as Gran Turismo 7 actually arriving on time. Sony, you're no fun. RELATED: Jaguar Virtual Reality Windscreen Brings Video Game Tech to the Real World