Listen to the Glorious Roar of the Ford GT (Prototype)

The application process and configurator for the Ford GT is now live, which means you can put your name on the list for a chance at this owning this rare supercar. According to Ford, not everyone who applies will have the opportunity to buy. In case you don't make the cut or don't have over $400K to blow in the first place, here's what it's going to sound like for those lucky few. This video shows a car that looks rough around the edges. That's okay, because this is a prototype and not a final production version of the supercar. It was spotted out for a drive in Ontario, Canada, giving us all the chance to hear how damn good it sounds (fast forward to 1:56). RELATED: See More Images of the 2016 Ford GT
The new supercar is being produced in very limited quantities for the 2017 and 2018 model years. There will be 500 of them available for purchase with the total being split between the two years. They're calling this the initial production, so it's unclear if more will be made in the following years. Ford is taking applications through midnight on May 12, and then it will start the selection process. Priority will be given to those who have previously owned a Ford GT and those who have a history of buying Ford products. RELATED: How Would You Configure Your Ford GT?