The World’s Only Challenger Hellcat Convertible Costs $140,000

Despite evoking lines reminiscent of the legendary 1970 and '71 Dodge Challenger, which came in both coupe and convertible flavors, Dodge has elected to bring only one of those variants into the 21st century—the Challenger coupe. 

For many fans, this has been a sore subject, but it would appear the droptop Dodge Challenger isn’t dead yet… it’s just very expensive. Iverson Customs, an extension of South Dakota’s Iverson Chrysler dealership, has decided to build one, and a 707-horsepower Hellcat powered convertible no less. The cost? A cool $139,900, or more than double the price of a standard 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat. That said, it is quite the looker. 

According to the shop, dealership owner John Iverson first had the idea to chop the top of this Hellcat when looking upon his own 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, which shared its E-body platform with Dodge’s Challenger. The mental wheels began turning and before long he had arranged a meeting with Fiat Chrysler’s global design chief, Ralph Gilles. “My son Austen and I met him at a National Auto Dealer Association 20 Group meeting where we presented our idea,” writes Iverson. “We obtained his signature [of] approval for the first conversion to be created.” Florida’s Drop Top Customs was then brought in to perform the conversion, and not long after the first Dodge Challenger Hellcat convertible was born, Gilles’ signature scrawled across the muscle car’s 707-horsepower V8 engine. 

The World’s Only Challenger Hellcat Convertible Costs $140,000

With only 555 miles on the odometer and an automatic transmission pushing those ponies to the road, this scalped Hellcat surely has plenty of miles left in it. The question is, would you rather have two Hellcat Challengers or one sans roof? 

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