Watch a Smart Fortwo Transform Into a Crazy Off-Road Machine

The Smart Fortwo is the perfect car for city life. It's small enough to wedge into the tiniest of parking spaces, can easily navigate congested city streets, and returns amazing mpg. The Fortwo is not an off-road vehicle, unless you happen to own this one. This Smart has been modified into the ultimate itty bitty off-road machine. Credit goes to Ukranian Gerogiy Kosilov who told Yahoo News he came up with the idea while sitting in a friend's Smart Fortwo and realizing its rear-engine design made it a great choice as an off-road vehicle. RELATED: See Images of the 2015 Smart Fortwo
First, he stripped off all the bits that weren't absolutely necessary so he could make the car as light as possible. Next, he added in parts from Volkswagen, Honda, and Mitsubishi to come up with the final version of his off-road wonder. It includes wheels that give it a 14-inch ground clearance. Kosilov says people told him he couldn't do it, but that he was determined to make it work. It might not be big and powerful, but it's definitely up for some off-road adventuring. RELATED: See Images of the 2013 Smart Fortwo Iceshine Edition