Watch Guy Martin Break a 'Wall of Death' World Record

Few sane people would willingly subject themselves to something called the “Wall of Death.” Then again, Guy Martin isn’t a sane person.

If you haven’t heard of the Englishman, he’s an all-star motorcycle racer and a perennial podium scorer at the legendary Isle of Man TT. If it’s got two wheels, he can pretty much ride it to the limit, and this week he proved he could do that… horizontally too. As part of a major live television event on the British Channel 4, Guy attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for top speed around the fearsome Wall of Death (or “silodrome”), a cylindrical track made of near vertical wooden planks. So could he do it? Take a look. 

RELATED: Meet the World's Fastest "Log" Car After more than a year of training on a modified Indian Scout, Guy Martin took to the Wall of Death for his record attempt on a custom BSA motorcycle of his own creation, which he built in his shed to withstand the intensely high g-forces of the wall. The 750cc three-cylinder bike with its trick suspension paid off and Martin blitzed to an early run of 70.33 miles per hour—a new world record. However, Martin wasn’t done. After a quick check up with his crew, Martin cranks the throttle again and achieves an incredible (and Guinness official) world record run of 78.15 mph. The announcers said it right, “he’s absolutely smashed it.” RELATED: A Chevrolet Corvette is Now the Fastest Electric Car in the World Photo Credit: Channel 4