Watch A Ferrari F40 Drift Up A Japanese Ski Resort

What would you do if you owned a Ferrari F40? Would you hide it away in a climate controlled garage devoid of light so as not to cause any fading? You could always trot it out for the occasional six figures car club meet, or concours event. A Ferrari F40 isn't meant to be driven, it's meant to be moved.  Driving it would mean taking all kinds of risks, the largest of which would be realizing that you enjoy the experience. Should that happen, you'll want to drive it more, and then it'll have miles on it, things could go wrong with it, services might need to be done, and all of that will cause the car to drop in value. Value is why you bought the damn thing in the first place, and if you're not at least maintaining the value, what is even the point of owning an F40?  RELATED: Check Out Photos Of The Gas Monkey Garage Ferrari F40
Of course you realize I'm being sarcastic, but the sad reality is there are many F40s, and other classic supercars for that matter, that are damned to a life of stillness. Takeshi Kimura knows what the point of owning an F40 is, and it sure as hell doesn't have anything to do with squirreling the car away and letting it appreciate. This man is a rare individual, someone with the means to acquire an F40, and then do something as brash as putting chains on the rear tires, then drifting it through the snow on the side of a mountain. Cars are meant to be driven, not always up the side of a mountain in the snow, mind you, but driven regularly just the same. I will never think twice about taking my warrantied Bimmer out on a rainy day ever again. RELATED: Watch A Million Dollar Ferrari F40 Drift Around A Farm