What Is Pagani Up To Now?

Having just announced the hardcore Huayra BC back in February, everyone figured it might be a while before there was more news from Pagani. But it looks like we were wrong. As much as I hate to admit it, this shadowy video from the Italian automaker does in fact count as news, at least in the same way a Kardashian going to Starbucks does, and I have a duty to pour over the :38 second clip looking for details that might be a clue as to what this car is. What kind of information can be gleaned from this cryptic video? We know that the car is being built exclusively for the French exotic car dealer Refined Marques, and it will likely be a one-off since Pagani has a thing for those. We briefly catch a glimpse of a roof scoop, which was indicative of a more hardcore Zonda, so it stands to reason the same goes for this Huayra. A carbon rear splitter, and wing are also visible just for a moment, and a nice splash of light across the front shows us the main body color will be blue carbon fiber.  RELATED: Learn More About The Pagani Huayra BC
With teaser videos like this, there is a-lot left up to the imagination, and that's fine with me. We already know what a Huayra looks like in a number of different forms, and it's fun to theorize about what this iteration will look like, not to mention what it will drive like. A Huayra Roadster will debut this August at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and down the road Pagani will add a more hardcore BC edition because of course they will. For the time being, we can all just sit back and armchair quarterback this one. The mystery car in this video is just enough to keep Pagani in our consciousness, a mighty task given the amount of information we're bombarded with on a regular basis. If only there were a way to tease us all with the smell of the interior, then it'd be truly unforgettable. RELATED: See Photos Of The Pagani Huayra BC