Watch the First Trailer for the New 'Top Gear'

No, there’s no Clarkson or Hammond or May present—but you might be surprised at the all-new Top Gear’s first trailer for their upcoming series. With Matt Leblanc, Chris Evans, and Sabine Schmitz driving fast and doing crazy stunts in the trailer, the new crew is already looking like the Top Gear we know and love. Just, you know, different. Things you’ll notice: Matt Leblanc driving an Ariel Nomad (awesome), Chris Evans thrashing a Dodge Viper ACR (also awesome), and of course, some nonsense in the Reliant Robin, because why not. Very much in that iconic Top Gear style, just without the hosts that we formerly knew and loved. RELATED: Here's How the New Top Gear Should Really Look
The cars, the production value, and the jokes are all there, but can the new crew live up to the original? Well, we’ll just have to watch and find out for sure. The new Top Gear will makes its TV debut near the end of spring. RELATED: Top Gear Star Auctions Off Four of His Motorcycles