Camaro Driver Loses Brakes at Sebring, Recovers Beautifully

This video puts you in the driver's seat of a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro taking the track at Sebring International Raceway. All seems to be going well as the Camaro speeds along...right up until the brakes decide to stop participating. The dashcam video shows the car about to enter a corner, but instead of turning, the car continues on without slowing. What shows ahead is no longer a stretch of track, but a small bit of pavement and a fence leading to a public street. Not a good thing to see when you're going somewhere near 100 mph. RELATED: The Camaro Z/28's Brakes Were so Powerful, the Tires Were Slipping [Video]
You have to give the guy behind the wheel some credit because he doesn't panic. He instead steers down the little bit of pavement until it runs out and he's forced to smash through the gate of the chain link fence. This puts him out onto the grass at the entrance to a nearby business. As he drives across the grass toward the entrance, there are cars on the street beside him and a truck and other obstacles in his path. He steers around it all like a scene out of a video game. Not everyone would have keep their cool, but the guy driving this Camaro is as cool as a cucumber. RELATED: Join John Hennessey for a Ride in a 636HP Camaro Z/28