Meet the Iron Queen

A new Guinness World Record for "Heaviest Vehicle Pulled by Hair by a Female" was recently set by Indian woman Asha Rani who they call "The Iron Queen." She's like a super strong Rapunzel who doesn't need a prince to do any of the saving.

This is her fifth record. She already held four other records for fastest 25-meter road vehicle pull with teeth, and heaviest weight lifted with the hair, two ears, and an eye socket. We don't even want to see how that last one worked. 

Watch a Woman Pull a Double-Decker Bus With Her Hair

The vehicle she pulled to set the record was a London double-decker bus. To make it even heavier, 32 passengers were along for the record-setting ride. She tied her two braids together through a loop that attached to the bus, then simply leaned back and pulled. How much weight did she pull with her hair? The bus and the people came in at 26,931.67 pounds. It's amazing that she did this, but almost more amazing that she seems not the least bit tired once the stunt is over and she is announced as the official record holder. 

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