Russia Built Another Crazy Off-Roader—And They Want to Take it to the North Pole

Looks like those wacky Russians are at it again. If you liked the ‘Sherp' we featured a few weeks ago, then you’re bound to love this ‘Burlak,’ which looks pretty much like a ‘Sherp' on steroids. Because it is. It was built out of admiration for the ‘Sherp,' but takes off-roading even more to the extreme with an extra axle and a taller ride height. It can pretty much go anywhere, do anything, and run over anyone, if it so pleases. Watch the video and see for yourself. RELATED: See Photos of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6
But it wasn’t just built for fun (though, it looks fun as hell). Some people have big plans for Russia’s new home-built SUV. Founders of the Automotive Transartctic Expedition want to two of them to the North Pole and show off their new toys to Santa Claus. Considering it has a shower, a kitchen, and bunks, it doesn’t seem all the ridiculous. Another ‘Burlak’ will eventually be built, and the expedition is set to take place in 2018. RELATED: ICON's New FJ44 Petersen Special Will Give You Off-Road Envy