Watch This Drag Race Turn Into a Hilarious All-Out Foot Race

“When in doubt, leg it out”—at least that’s what pro motorcycle racer Ryan Learmonth must have been thinking when this video was taken. At an Australian Professional Drag Racing Series event last month in the city of Perth, Learmonth lined up on the drag strip next to racer Maurice Allen, both atop 350 horsepower Suzuki drag bikes. What happened next was unexpected, to say the least. The lights go green, both bikers crank on their throttles, but neither makes a clean getaway and it looks like the drag race will be called. That is, until Learmonth grabs his Suzuki and starts chasing after Allen. Like the scene from Talladega Nights, the pair hustle toward the distant finish line while the crowd and the announcers go wild. Check it out, below. RELATED: Watch the World's Fastest Jeep Cherokee Flip During a Race
As the announcers so rightly put it, it truly was a “Flintstones extravaganza.” Despite Ryan Learmonth making an impressive charge on foot down the strip, in the end it was Maurice Allen in the Milwaukee leathers who came away with the drag race win…after over two minutes of footwork. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be enough to net Allen the overall win; he was eliminated in the next round by drag racer Glenn Wooster. That said, Internet fame heals all. RELATED: Watch a '90s Minivan Destroy a Dodge Viper in a Drag Race

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