Clarkson, Hammond, and May Caught Riding Around Town in a Lifted Mercedes

While the next incarnation of Top Gear is facing delays and episode cuts, the old crew is doing fine filming their new series. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were spotted out and about in a very interesting Mercedes-Benz. Bystanders caught the trio driving a Mercedes-Benz SL with ridiculous off-road wheels that look ready to get the boys into some serious trouble. It will likely involve mud far too deep for anything but a tank and no ready means of escape. RELATED: Former "Top Gear" Hosts Sign Three-Season Deal with Amazon
Clarkson is at the wheel of the car while May rides shotgun and Hammond is relegated to the back seat. While Clarkson proclaims that the car is excellent, Hammond clearly thinks the man is out of his mind. So, nothing has changed at all since their time on Top Gear. Their new Amazon Prime show is set to hit the air sometime later this year. We still have no idea what it's called, but if this car is any indication, we should all expect they'll be up to their usual antics when it debuts. RELATED: Watch Jeremy Clarkson Fall in Love with the Toyota GT86