Watch a Snowboarder Carve Behind a Nissan GT-R

Old Man Winter has continued his frigid grip on many in the Northern Hemisphere, but that hasn’t stopped a few motorsports fans in Belgium from mixing two of their favorite hobbies—fast cars and snow sports.  With the country’s iconic racing venue Spa-Francorchamps covered in snow, the team from Ron Simons Racing (RSR) decided to round the Formula 1 circuit by way of a Nissan GT-R and a snowboard. One driving instructor jumps behind the wheel of the 545-horsepower sports car, the other grabs a tow rope and tightens up the bindings on his board. It’s the ultimate “do not try this at home” type of stunt, though considering most people don’t have prestigious European racing venues in their backyard… that ought to cut down on some of the attempts. Take a look. RELATED: Watch a Snowboarder Drift Through NYC Behind a Jeep
RELATED: Check Out These M1A1 Battle Tanks Drifting in Snow The Nissan GT-R and snowboarder duo slip-slide their way across the snow-blanketed circuit, in the process pulling off a few tandem drifts. On dry pavement, the 545-horsepower 2013 Nissan GT-R can notch a top speed of 193 mph. On snow it managed speeds of around 75 mph, though that’s considerably speedy with a snowboarder in tow. Again, don’t try this at home. RELATED: Nissan Wants to Build a GT-R Supercar That Drives Itself