The new Land Rover Defender will soon make its debut with the mission of keeping true to its original design while appealing to modern buyers. It is a vehicle that has served in a lot of different roles, from helping the Coast Guard to working in the farmyard, so the possibilities are intriguing. These concepts are just a few of the ways the new Defender could come to life.

The Land Rover Defender Camel Trophy is a nod to the Defender's off-road chops. This extreme off-road contest is the test to beat all tests, and one the Defender is ready to tackle. There's a winch, bull bars, and spotlights to see through the worst weather and darkest of nights.

Which of These Crazy Land Rover Defender Concepts Gets Your Vote?

Don't think of laughing at the SAS "Pink Panther" because it's Mountbatten Pink. This color happens to blend very well in the desert and was used on SAS Defenders given the nickname Pink Panthers. Bodywork is gone for quick entry and exit and the roll cage doubles as a mounting point for a heavy machine gun. 

Which of These Crazy Land Rover Defender Concepts Gets Your Vote?

Perhaps the toughest of missions is reserved for the Queen Elizabeth II edition. Seriously, you don't want to mess up the Queen's ride. According to CarWow, this version of the Defender has a longer wheelbase, utilitarian steel wheels, and a more traditional blue and white paint job. Which one would you like to have parked in your driveway?

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