Watch This Cargo Ship Plow Through a Walkway Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

Cargo ships are big, hulking, amazing feats of engineering. Fun fact: if you lay the Empire State Building down on its side, it’d be about the same length as many modern day cargo ships. But here’s the thing, piloting such a massive force of metal requires skill, attention, and a little bit of luck. Luck that would keep a captain from plowing into a walkway and injuring or possibly even killing some unsuspecting bystander. That’s what happened with one cargo ship in Thailand… RELATED: Watch Salvaged Cars From Grounded Cargo Ship Drive Off
According to the Mirror, the 480-foot ship left Bangkok Port just minutes before this video was captured. Poor weather conditions and strong currents then caused the ship to plow headlong onto a walkway on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The ship suffered some minor damage but was eventually able to be pulled back to port by coast guard tugboats. Thankfully, the Coast Guard reported no injuries. Just a few frightened onlookers... RELATED: The Chevrolet Corphibian Was Part Van, Part Boat, All Awesome