Watch a Tesla Model X P90D Drag Race a Model S P90D

At some point in life all siblings fight, and it would appear Tesla Motors’ latest youngsters are certainly no exception.  On Valentines Day, the husband and wife team behind Dragtimes decided to line up their newly acquired 2016 Tesla Model X P90D and drag race it against the other Tesla in their garage… a 2015 Model S P90D. Both vehicles come packing Tesla’s optional “Ludicrous Mode” upgrade, which allows for more of that 90 kWh battery pack to power the wheels, and from the belt line down both share the same mechanicals, an electric motor in the front good for 259hp and one in the rear rated at 503hp. It’s the fight that many have long been waiting for, so how does the great Tesla grudge match play out? Take a look below; the action heats up at around 2:24 minutes. RELATED: Check Out Jayden Smith's New 2016 Tesla Model X
RELATED: Watch a Toyota GT86 Blitz the Quarter Miles in 5.7 Seconds Admittedly, the results are to be somewhat expected. Both Teslas rocket off the line at the Palm Beach International Raceway with torque to spare, but it’s the Model S that swiftly pulls away from its Model X sibling, finishing the quarter mile in the lead by 0.19 seconds. According to Dragtimes, the Model X consistently ran 11.6 second passes while the Model S hit between 11.3 and 11.5 seconds. Both achieved trap speeds of 115 and 116 mph on average. The reason for the difference? As you might have guessed, the Tesla Model X has a little extra junk in the trunk, weighing in about 700 pounds more than the P90D sedan. Regardless, the high performance choice for Tesla shoppers just got a bit harder. RELATED: Watch This '90s Minivan Destroy a Dodge Viper in a Race