Watch Real-Life Mario Kart Take Place in a Mall

Ever since Mario Kart hit Nintendo consoles in 1992, players have wanted to turn the playful racing simulator into a real world competition. Since then, many have donned the familiar costumes and this group hailing from the UK is the latest.  The group of seven—Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Bowser, and Donkey Kong—jumped on a fleet of Razor Crazy Carts at the Westfield Shopping Mall in West London, and attempt a mad dash through the shopping center's halls… all while avoiding security and a slippery banana peel or two. Take a look. RELATED: Check Out these Awesome LEGO Mario Kart Custom Sets
RELATED: Check Out the Infamous "Duck Hunt" Nissan GT-R The racers skid, drift, and spin their way through the halls on the back of the Crazy Carts, which offer up 24 volts of power, 40 minutes of run time, and top speeds of around 12 miles per hour. Though not the quickest crafts in the world, they’re quick enough to escape the long arm of the law. A mall spokesperson told the Evening Standard, “As the stunt was intended to be humorous, and the centre was open but the retail stores were not trading at the time with a small number of people on foot, the participants were permitted to continue.” One of the karters told the paper, “You can't go wrong with MarioKart. A lot people people were just looking in disbelief and some high-fived us. It was just a little bit of fun.” Planning your own real-world Mario Kart race? Make sure to get prior approval first. RELATED: Watch This Awesome Ken Block Spoof Made with Crazy Carts