You Never Know Where this Rube Goldberg Machine Will End up

Rube Goldberg machines are these incredibly complex and outlandish devices made of multiple steps all to accomplish a typical task. They were the vision of cartoonist Rube Goldberg, and throughout the years have spawned real-life machines by innovative builders. One such Rube Goldberg machine is in the video below. This video was created by Arrow FiveYearsOut, and uses the reconstructed components of an entirely taken-apart car, and the results are incredible. But unlike the typical Goldberg machine, which ends in a very mundane task, this machine’s final step is pretty epic: RELATED: Your Healthcare Plan Will NOT Cover this 107-mph Mobility Scooter
Well, technically, the machine merely drops the green flag, but it sends a camouflaged IndyCar on its way, at what appears to be Phoenix International Raceway. The video is for a company called Arrow, and for some context, the company began a sponsorship with with the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports No.5 IndyCar, which has been extended through 2018. RELATED: Watch This Garbage Truck Explode Arrow, which builds computer components, helped team co-owner Sam Schmidt get back in a race car after a 2000 crash left him a quadriplegic. The company worked with the Schmidt to built a modified Chevrolet Corvette race car, dubbed the Arrow Semi-Autonomous Motorcar. The Rube Goldberg-inspired video by the tech company looks like it also took some inspiration from an ad that is a favorite around these parts. It’s the “Cog” ad for the international Honda Accord. Trust us, it’s worth another watch:
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