Based on Mitsubishi Outlander

Based on Mitsubishi Outlander

At the 2005 autumn motor show in Tokyo, Mitsubishi has launched the new Outlander. Meanwhile the French car maker PSA has been developing a new and first 4x4 model based on this new Outlander’s platform. It is to be launched under the Peugeot badge and dubbed 4007. For this project Peugeot has searched and found in Mitsubishi an experienced partner particularly for off road models.

These days now, a group of engineers from Japan and France were sighted testing the two new models side by side in the snow of northern Scandinavia. The Mitsubishi Outlander version has a German license plate, and the French Peugeot version has a French license plate and a – still disguised – different front end.

The Peugeot 4007 is scheduled for launch in 2007. It will be made by Mitsubishi and get power from engines by PSA and Mitsubishi. Talk is of a Mitsubishi fuel engine (2,4 litre 170 HP) and a PSA Diesel engine (2,0 litre HDI, 136 HP). The Mitsubishi Outlander will come on the market in Japan already this year and in 2007 in the United States.

Plans for the Peugeot 4007 are to produce 30,000 units per year, and the car is expected to cost between 20.000,-- and 30.000,-- Euros.

First two photos are showing the computer generated Peugeot version.

Peugeot's First 4x4 Model 4007