Will the A-Star replace the current Alto?

The Indian small car market is maybe one of the fastest growing market segments at the moment and many manufacturers want a slice of the pie, before the super-cheap Tata Nano claims its stake.

One of the those manufacturers is Suzuki and their Alto replacing A-Star concept car has been spotted for testing in India alongside the Suzuki Splash and Splash VDi diesel. Suzuki works closely with local car maker Maruti and is currently holding a major market share in the country.

Where these two cars will be placed is still unclear, the Splash might replace the R-Wagon and take on the Hyundai i10 while the A-Star will most likely be placed below the Swift. Pricing and specs have not yet been announced but the Splash is expected to make its dealership debut this fall.

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Suzuki A-Star Spied in India