Our Favorite Car Ads From Super Bowl 50

Last night, walking-talking Papa John’s ad Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos beat Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. The coverage teetered on the edge of “lifetime achievement award night” for Manning, who may or may not have announced his retirement by endorsing Budweiser several times in postgame interviews.

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The Super Bowl is always a big night for #brands, with ads that have people talking for days and weeks to come. There were a handful of pretty solid car ads. Most were comical, but some went for the dramatic. Here are our favorites:

Jeep “4x4ever”

As a Jeep fanatic, I’m obviously biased towards this ad, but I won’t give it the crown (typically humor wins out over seriousness in Super Bowl ads). Still, this ad is awesome. Harkening back to the military origins of the Jeep, and all the remote places a Wrangler can go. It makes you proud to be a Jeep owner.

Toyota “The Longest Chase”

This one is funny, but in less of a “ha-ha” way and more of in a “that’s kinda cute” way. Clever, but not offensive–like the car they are shilling in the ad above. Much credit for finding unique ways to showcase the features of the Prius, like how the collision avoidance allowed them to allude a police roadblock. Clever. Cute.

Buick “The Big Game Meets The Big Day”

This ad for the Buick Cascada starts out seemingly innocuous, and almost catches you off guard. One minute, we’re watching a pretty normal wedding (minus the all-new Cascada in place of a more traditional limo). The next minute, model Emily Ratajkowsi is pulling an “Odell,” in reference, of course, to New York Giants’ WR Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ himself makes a cameo in the ad as a skeptical onlooker.

Kia “Walken Closet”

This ad has two of my favorite things: Christopher Walken, and wordplay. Walken does make a solid point about sock style choices…we’re just not sure what that has to do with a new car. Either way, Walken doing sock puppets FTW! Hyundai “First Date”

Another ad that humorously and creatively shows off the innovative new tech features of the subject car. In this case, Hyundai hired Kevin Hart to play an overbearing parent, using the Car Finder app to keep tabs on his daughter. Hart is at is best when he’s overacting and playing a somewhat paranoid character, so this is a perfect fit. Audi “Commander”

Drama wins in a Super Bowl ad when it involves a car like the R8 being likened to the space race. This ad really hits in the feels, and you have to love the imagery comparing Audi’s mid-engined monster to the greatest vehicle man has ever created–the Saturn V heavy lift rocket. Thank you Audi for working in Bowie while you were at it!

Honda “A New Truck to Love”

Hate to say it, but this ad is going to stick with people long after this past weekend. It plays off the concept of the goats that sound like people yelling when they scream. So why not have them yell like one of the greatest frontmen of all time, singing one of their best ballads. The talking dog is just the icing on the cake at the end. Trust us, “Somebody to love” will be stuck in your head the rest of today.

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