Nissan Has Built the World’s First Seven-Seat Bobsleigh

When tuning in to watch the Winter Olympics, one thing you certainly won't see is a bobsleigh with over four teammates onboard—competition is limited to just two and four-person teams. But that minor detail hasn't stopped Nissan from building the world’s first seven-seat bobsleigh.  Drawing inspiration from its seven-seat X-Trail SUV—known as the Nissan Rogue in the U.S. market—Nissan has melded its people-packing capability into its sleek “X-Trail Bobsleigh,” which recently made its inaugural run at the historic Olympic track in Innsbruck, Austria. The man at the helm is British Olympic medalist Sean Olsson, followed by six crewman behind. Check out the rule-defying video, below. RELATED: Nissan Gave a Tiny Juke Nismo Huge Tank Treads
Unlike the Nissan X-Trail, which features 130 hp and a weather-taming all-wheel drive setup in Tekna 1.6 dCi 4x4 trim, the bobsleigh is spurred along solely by gravity, though impressively it can still hit top speeds of 65 mph by the end of the bob run and endure 4.5g of force. Zero to 60 mph takes around 30 seconds. Production of the sleek craft was handled by renowned bobsleigh manufacturer Diego Menardi, who helped add the distinctive V-motion grille and LED headlamps to the sled to give it an unmistakeable Nissan look. No word on whether the Olympic Committee will add the seven-seat event to the next winter games, though somehow that looks doubtful. RELATED: Nissan Wants to Build a GT-R Supercar That Drives Itself