This Twin-Turbo Ford GT is Gunning for 300 MPH

Few would disagree: the Ford GT is one very fast car. Bone stock, these GTs of the last decade can notch top speeds of 205 miles per hour, making them some of the fastest cars on the road, still. This would be one of them, however this machine is far from what you’d call bone stock.  This is the BADD GT. Built by automotive tuner Johnny Bohmer, the BADD GT saddles up a tremendous 1,800 horsepower (at the wheels) and claims the record for the fastest standing mile in the world, 283.232 mph, as certified by Guinness World Records. But that isn’t fast enough, and in 2016 Bohmer plans to finally crack that 300 mph barrier. Check out the heart-racing promo for his “Quest for 300” below. RELATED: Take a Look at This Rarified Ford GT40 from the Early '90s
Late last year, Bohmer had planned to hit 290 mph while testing at the Kennedy Space Center, however stiff crosswinds kept him limited to only 250 mph. Inadvertently, he may have set a record for the fastest standing mile with a passenger in the process. What’s most amazing about the BADD GT is that it’s still a street-legal vehicle. In fact, Bohmer once joked that he has used the car to take his kids to school. Bohmer originally bought the Centennial White Ford GT in 2006, but quickly began fettling with its supercharged 5.4-liter V8. The supercharger was soon swapped out for a twin-turbocharger setup, and as the years went by the upgrades kept on coming, until the point where Bohmer began building his own heavily reinforced parts to cope with the GT’s massive power. The results frankly speak for themselves. Stay tuned for more on the BADD GT as it continues its fight for 300 mph this year. RELATED: You Can Buy Ford GT Performance for Less Than You'd Expect