More Details Emerge on Mercedes-Benz 'X-Class' Pickup Truck

A Mercedes-Benz pickup truck. No, that is not a typo. We’ve heard rumors before about such a perplexing vehicle, however new sources suggests this could be for real. But what possible shape could a ‘Merc Truck’ take? We’re pretty sure it won’t look like the renderings we’ve seen in the past. This news comes from, an Australian car news site, claiming to have access to a design forum, it which it was possibly announced that the truck would be called X-Class or Z-Class. We’ve known since early last year that the truck would be based on the Nissan Navara pickup, but the Aussies have some more info. RELATED: The New Mercedes Pickup Won't Be a 'Fat Cowboy Truck' According to the report, the truck will be a crew-cab, with four doors, and have two engines from which to choose. The base engine is is claimed to be a 2.3-liter diesel inline-4 and a larger six-cylinder diesel. No gas engines were apparently discussed, but this could be initial rollout information, while a gas engine would join the lineup if it were ever sold in the U.S., but as of right now, the truck is planned to be sold everywhere but the good ole’ U.S. of A. RELATED: See images of the Mercedes-Benz G63 6X6 Pickup The report claims the truck will be available in one of three variants; work-truck, mid-range, and luxury. Pricing would range from $42,000 to $56,000. Considering Mercedes sells utilitarian vehicles as well as luxury cars all over the world (like the Sprinter), the X-Class runs the gamut from utility to luxury on the top end. To get an X-Class/Z-Class here in the ‘States, they would likely need to offer a gas engine option (thanks, #Dieselgate). And with the Chicken Tax still around, the price would probably be more than the aforementioned estimates. In short, a Mercedes truck is on the way, but probably not in the land of the F-150. RELATED: The Chicken Tax, Why We Don't Have More Light Trucks