Superhero wraps for supercars

In the automotive world, supercars are a bit like silver screen superheroes. They boast a larger-than-life persona and command otherworldly performance that mainstream cars can only dream of. And at one car customization shop in Singapore, that supercar-superhero comparison is even more closely linked. 

Singapore’s WrapStyle has begun creating a series of superhero-inspired vehicle wraps for its customers’ cars, which so far include a Superman Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Batman Audi R8, a pair of Iron Man and Captain America Lamborghini Aventadors, and a Hulk Nissan GT-R. Arguably the best of the superhero bunch however is the shop’s McLaren 650S, which seems to lend its shape quite well to the web-slinger’s famous costume. 

This McLaren 650S Just Got an Amazing Spider-Man Makeover

These vehicle wraps, vinyl graphics that can be applied over a vehicle’s body, have absolutely skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade, because they’re quicker to apply (and generally less expensive) than repainting a car’s exterior. They also allow car customizers to add increasingly complex and detailed designs to a vehicle’s exterior. Just imagine how long it would take to paint Spidey’s suit over the svelte McLaren. Beneath the wrap you won’t find Peter Parker, photographer for the Daily Bugle. Instead, the mighty McLaren readies its ubiquitous twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8, which summons up a triumphant 641 horsepower. They don’t come cheaply, however. The McLaren 650S starts at around $265,000.

A post on the company’s Facebook page reveals that the Singaporean shop plans to design 14 superhero wraps in total, leaving eight left currently unaccounted for. The remaining possibilities are as large as the superhero universe itself, though modern favorites like Thor, The Flash, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman would seem likely.

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