Takata strikes again

Ford Motor Company is recalling 391,000 Ranger pickup trucks for a reason that we’ve all become unfortunately too accustomed to hearing– airbag inflators that can explode, causing injury or even death.

According to the Associated Press, the recall covers the nearly 400K trucks built from 2004 through 2006 and sold in North America. The announcement of the recall falls just days after news of a South Carolina man’s death back in December could be attributed to an exploded airbag inflator. Joel Knight, 52, was driving his 2006 Ford Ranger when he hit a cow in the road and struck a fence. When the airbag was set to deploy, the inflator exploded, sending shrapnel into the man’s neck.

391,000 Ford Ranger Pickups Recalled for Explosive Airbag Inflators

But those 391,000 Rangers are only the beginning of the latest round of recalls. The U.S. government plans to recall an additional 5 million vehicles with the potentially affected airbags, made by–you guessed it–Takata corp of Japan. You probably remember that name as far back as 2014, and the company is responsible for the recall of some 24 million vehicles made by 14 manufacturers around the globe.

391,000 Ford Ranger Pickups Recalled for Explosive Airbag Inflators

Rangers were recalled last year to replace the passengers side airbags, but this latest action by safety regulators means that driver side units could be faulty as well. Ford says it will start notifying owners of affected vehicles February 22. Although there is some supply of replacement parts now, most owners should expect the wait for actual replacement parts to take much longer, as other suppliers are being brought in to support the replacement efforts.

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